Internet of toilets

Every year, around this time, top companies in consumer electronics goods come together for the dazzling CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas and unveil some of the most spectacular goods — this is why science and technology is great — that the world has basically no need for. As this column’s well-known USP is uselessness, the CES event is always followed with keen interest by this columnist. And this

Kollywood to set up formal placement cell for sending candidates to TN politics

*Industry-Institute MoU to be inked soon *Annual recruitment to happen Chennai, Jan 11: It is well-known that in Tamil Nadu the single biggest supply chain of personnel for politics is the Tamil film world. Verily, Kollywood has been the IIT-IIM cradle for TN political industry with stellar candidates like M Karunanidhi, MGR, J Jayalalithaa reaching the highest echelon with elan. If politics were automobile industry, then Kodambakkam was its Detroit

An afternoon with Rajini

“I am media shy.” You can’t tell this to the over 100 media personnel that you yourself had invited for a chat. You can get away after saying this only if you were Rajinikanth. Well, as it happened, it was indeed Rajinikanth who said this as he began his brief interaction with media people at a hotel in the city a few days back. The meeting was supposed to be

Year of: #covfefe-2

* A look back on the events and people who shaped 2017 (This is the second part of the series) MAY Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have summit-level talks at the VIP lounge of De Gaulle airport in Paris. Trudeau is in Paris as — he is so unassuming you see — a tourist guide to a group of Canadians on a budget trip to France. Modi, for his part, is returning

How will be your 2018

* We, sitting in our office, foretell your (whoever and wherever you are) future Chennai, Dec 28: The only thing that ever gets read with any amount of sincerity in a newspaper is the Zodiac prediction, a column whose contents we completely make up. Here in the newspaper industry we can’t even say with any amount of certainty what tomorrow holds for us and whether newspapers will be around till next winter. And you expect us to

Year of: #covfefe

* A look back on the events and people who shaped 2017 When 2016 ended, we thought it was the pits. But we now know it wasn’t. Because we have a new  contender in 2017. 2017 turned out to be the year when practically all men in Hollywood have been outed to be as sexual predators of some kind. Harvey Weinstein has emerged to be the Adolf Hitler of sexual crimes. It was a Festival of Sleaze

How money makes intercourse and multiplies

* The inside story of what happens to your bank deposits (Pssst: Adults Only) Chennai, Dec 22: How safe are your bank deposits? This question has to be asked in the light of some controversial provisions of the FRDI Bill, which if you believe the WhatsApp forwards, gives the government not only access to your bank deposits but also allows it to change your ATM password without your knowledge. What does this mean? Exactly, your ATM password will no longer be your

R K Nagar poll: DMDK in the driver’s seat

And so it is time for the voters of R K Nagar — as the old journalism cliche would have it — to speak loud and clear, and then just shut up because frankly we are getting tired. You can’t blame us, as this is the third election in three years at the R K Nagar constituency, when there are African banana republics that haven’t seen these many elections in

Carnatic music in Koyambedu market

* A slew of places where classical concerts can be taken to begins Ranjani-Gayathri sisters recently performed at Vadapalani Metro railway station. A group of well-known musicians are set to give a series of concerts in a Chennai eatery. T M Krishna and his disciples are having singing sessions in a moving bus. But at least you can understand the last-mentioned effort, because it involves T M Krishna. It has

Corporate life and Ajith movie

(Last week, my daughter set out to another city for internship with a leading company as part of her college course. This marks her first real exposure to corporate culture. On the occasion, I wanted to write a letter to her with responsible parental advice on career and life. But quickly realised 1) she was, like any daughter/ son, not going to listen to anything what parents say 2) I

EC declares Vishal elected at RK Nagar

Chennai, Dec 7: After the by-election related events of Tuesday night at RK Nagar, we at Crank’s News called for an emergency editorial meeting and stood in silence for two-minutes. It was to mark the formal death of spoof and satire in these parts. Things that transpired for three-four hours at the RK Nagar Election Commission camp office beggar our belief and, we at Crank’s News, who think up bizarre,