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You are not alone!

If you found yourself spending a lot of time on social media, do not feel bad. You are not alone as of the world’s population is spending their spare moments to share their view, tweet their experience and scroll through their news feeds, a report says. As of now, there are over 3 billion people logged on to social media accounts around the world which eventually means that almost half of

Sarahah: Honestly, it's latest craze on social media

Sarahah is the latest online craze that has flooded the social media. It claims that it can help you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and friends in a private manner. The app so far in Google Play has got 50,00,000 – 1,00,00,000 downloads while it has topped the list of free apps on Apple’s app store. Sarahah was also on

Chennai woman turns passion into profession

Chennai: How does one turn a hobby into passion and subsequently into a lucrative profession? Sunitha Swamy (49) of Kodambakkam in the city has done precisely this. The resident of Choolaimedu High Road makes different kinds of jewellery at home. “I started it as a hobby three years back,” she says. “I learnt the methods of making the products through internet. I now work on ornaments made of terracotta mud,

Upcoming iPhone 8 features leaked

Chennai: The recent leaks about Apple’s soon to be launched iPhone 8 has created waves across many. One thing for sure is that this is going to be different. The smartphone maker not only marks the 10th anniversary, but is set to make the most radical update to the phone since its inception. Adding more to it, the Cuppertino giant has a lot riding on its shoulders after the relative

Offbeat medley: News Today goes freewheeling

This is not your regular news. News Today correspondents give you experiences of life that you won’t find in regular news reports. HIT OR SMASH This reporter was at a hockey match with his friends recently. The group was discussing about why hockey is not as popular as cricket in India, in spite of it being the national sport. Several points were put forth, but one view sealed their discussion. It came

Kisankraft MD talks about agri sector

Chennai, Aug 4: “Starting from Green Revolution initiative in 1960s, agriculture sector has always been supported by government both at the Central and State level. Since independence, there has been consistent improvement in total production, yields and many other indices. However, a lot more improvement is required,” says KisanKraft MD, Ravidra Agarwal. In an interview with News Today, the head of the organisation which manufactures engines, water-pumps and inter-cultivators, tracks the past, present

Nothing is genuine as even 'likes' can be bought

Ever heard of a ‘like’ factory? Everybody across the social media must have come across a video on how Facebook ‘likes’ are being increased for the money they pay. Is everything in the modern world ‘fake’? Is anything actually real any more? Were the angry quotes across the e-platform. In simple words, a like factory would give you boost for your page by putting in a number of likes for

Chennaiites worried over sewage water mix up

Chennai: Azeez Nagar Second Street at Kodambakkam in the city is being dug up by Metro Water workers because the residents have complained that drinking water is mixed with drainage. Officials have set down to work in order to find the root cause of the issue. “As it is difficult to find where the mix up takes place, we are digging up everywhere. Until we find the source, we will

Chennai kid assembles human-like robot

Chennai: When children his age are playing with gadgets or are engrossed in other activities, Rithesh, residing at Taylor’s Estate in Kodambakkam,in the city, has made a robot that can dance, teach and do more. The 12-year-old, studying in class seven in Lady Andal School, says that he always had a craze for the double E – Electricals and Electronics. “He recently went on a trip to NASA from school.

Big boom for SMEs: Expert

Chennai: The Asia-Pacific region is foreseen to be the hub of next economic boom, says a report. From January to June 2017, around 50 small and medium enterprises raised over Rs 660 crore through their IPOs. This is a clear indication that SME sector is attracting a lot of investors. The report also adds that there were 2.7 million of SMEs in Thailand comprising 98.5 per cent of total enterprises. There has

Roads must be stagnation-free, say Chennaiites

Chennai: Civic issues are becoming a concern when rain falls and flood roads in the area. One of the most flooded spots in the locality is the bridge near Loyola College in Nungambakkam in the city. Half an hour drizzle brings traffic to a halt and vehicles are stranded in the water. A lot of residents in and around the region complain about water logging. It is noted that in