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Guys, stay cool this summer

It’s time to pack your jackets and heavy jeans and bring out the cool and comfortable summer clothes to beat the heat. Summers is here and it is time to show off your hard work done at the gym. Your biceps and calf muscles will definitely be noticed if you choose an outfit listed below. Goutham Jacob, a fashion stylist, has shortlisted summer clothing trends for men which you should

Cycle rally awareness by NCC cadets on water conservation

Chennai: In an attempt to spread awareness on saving water, NCC infantry cadets of 1 Tamilnadu battalion, took out a cycle rally on World Water Day ( 22 March) from D G Vaishnav College, Arumbakkam, in the region of Anna Nagar in the city. Major M Venkatramanan, principal of the college, flagged off the cycle rally in which a total of 50 cadets on 25 cycles participated. The rally was

Cyclone Mora may bring rain to Chennai

Chennai: When experts are predicting the summer to be extreme, a new depression has been formed over Bay of Bengal which might bring relief to the people. Moreover, the city’s temperature has also reduced giving a pleasant atmospheric condition. The Meteorological department says the depression will further amplify during the next 24 hours and might give rainfall to the State in the coming days. “The depression over southeast Bay of

Style your hair this summer

Summer is here and it is time for a cool new swanky hairstyle for men. However, with the rising temperature, men need a hairstyle that makes it easier to deal with heat and sweat. At the same time, it should also be easy to maintain. And if you are looking for inspiration for your next uber-cool cut then, look no further, Jose Federick, an expert stylist gives us some of

Educational philanthropist Garodia remembered

Chennai: Jaigopal Garodia Group of Schools in the city observed the seventh anniversary of its founder-chairman Jaigopal Garodia as Founder’s Day on 2 April. To commemorate the solemn occasion, a special assembly was conducted in Jaigopal Garodia Group of Schools at Anna Nagar, Kolathur and Sakthivel Nagar. Floral tributes were offered to the statue of Jaigopal Garodia by managing trustee Ashok Kedia, principals, HMs, staff and students. Anna dhanam was

It is encroachments all the way in heart of Chennai

Chennai: Anna Nagar in the city is posh and famous for its town planning. But, residents of the locality are afraid they would soon lose the status of good town planning. The main reason for this is ‘encroachments’. News Today did a round-up of the region and found the scenes depressing. School Road, Anna Nagar West Extension Shops and commercial establishments have encroached both sides of the road. So, pedestrians

Green thumb through social media

We have heard of people sharing photos and videos via Facebook, WhatsApp and other social platforms, but have you heard of anyone sharing seeds and saplings on FB? Well, be surprised because that is what members of Organic Garden Foundation (OGF), a Facebook forum for kitchen garden enthusiasts, are doing. ‘Sharing’ is the defining feature of OGF, which was initiated by Raghu Kumar, a resident of K Block, Anna Nagar

Listen and let them talk: Experts on fighting depression

Chennai: Dying before camera. It is not some scene during a film shooting but real incidents of people committing suicide by going live on social media. The negative trend is spreading like a forest fire. A month ago, 12-year-old Katelyn Nicole Davis of Georgia, US, posted a 42-minute video saying that she was sexually and physically abused by a relative and didn’t ‘deserve to live’. The video ended with Davis

Beat the summer heat with latest trends

Chennai: Summer is here and many of us are looking out for alternate clothing to beat the heat. This season’s wardrobe gets playful and edgy. Cherished hand-me-downs are given a twist and old staples abandoned to make way for new ones. The 80s are revisited with big shoulder pads, customised denims, and ruffles. Sustainability takes centre-stage with handlooms, crafts and organic fabrics making their mark on the runway. Renuka, the

Chennaiite makes debut in films with Dream Factory

Chennai: “Everybody called me a kirukkan (nut case), like in the movie, when I left my high-paid job in the US and came back to India to pursue my passion,” laughs Arun Chidambaram, the actor-cum-director of the recent release Kanavu Vaariyam. He is a resident of Anna Nagar West in the city. Kanavu Variyam has won seven international awards and 15 international honours from nine countries within a year of