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Chennai: There are many people in Ambattur in the city who are part of our everyday life yet we they go unnoticed for the role they play.

NR Balasubramanian, a Senior Private Secretary from  Defence Research and Development Organization, retired in comfort after having worked for nearly four decades. But after a while, he started coaching students in shorthand.

Being a  lifetime member of Stenographers Guild in Chennai, Balasubramanian wanted students to learn shorthand, to make it easier for them to take notes in colleges during lectures.

A resident of Vijayalakashmipuram in Ambattur, Balasubramanian said, “During my time in DRDO I worked with the top most scientist in our country- Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. He was person with few words but he was dedicated to his work which I took inspiration from. After my retirement I wanted to give something back to students. I started a academy for shorthand and have been training students.”

Though times have changed and computers have replaced typewriters, the number of students coming to learn shorthand has not drastically decreased according to him. Reproducing shorthand is simple. Apart from this, Balasubramanian takes English grammar and spoken English classes.

“Shorthand is known as phonography or sound writing. This is nothing but a phonetic approach writing in general based on the spelled out words. It became very popular because of its advantage over other systems, because  it is very easy to learn and use in day to day activities. It is based on geometrical shapes and semi cursive purely with lines of thick and thin from left-to-right or  top-to-bottom direction/bottom to top.

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One of the reasons for popularity of  this tool is that it permits rapid recording of abnormal speed plus the added advantage of typewriter/computer-aided transcription. In conventional writing in English,  it is virtually impossible to write at an abnormal pace. Besides, if one needs to go back through his/her notes, one will find going through the shorthand notes a lot quicker than going through a digital recorder.” he said.

Balasubramanian starts his classes from six in the morning, and with breaks in between, closes his institute by seven in the evening. He can be contacted at 9444930132.


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