Chennai resident is pioneer in paper sculpting

Chennai: Origami is something that is common, but here is a resident of Velacheri in the city who is an expert in Kirigami, a variation of Origami that includes cutting of the paper rather than folding it.

J Ramesh’s love for this Japanese art started when he was very young. He is also called as ‘Kagitha Sirppi’ (paper sculptor) by many. He has won several awards for his works. Speaking to News Today, Ramesh opens up on his journey in Kirigami.

A mason by profession, Ramesh says,”I have been practicing this art for the last 20 years. It all started because of my aesthetic sense and inherent creative pursuit.”

Says Ramesh, “I initially did Kirigami out of interest which became a passion. Then I started doing art work for some of the local shops in the area, especially during festival times.”

When asked how he learnt this, Ramesh says, ‘I am self taught artist and did not learn from anyone.’
He adds, “I began practicing this unique art by merely folding and cutting sheets of paper in different angles. I never used a pencil or pen to get the shape. The output used to be nice and this inspired me to get imaginative.”

On how he got all the recognition, Ramesh says, “I have till date made 7,000 of such art pieces. I am sure no Japanese national would have done Kirigami like I have. My persistence in this art form has made me stand out from others.”

Apart from this, Ramesh’s achievements have been promoted through the local print and visual media.

Ramesh has also participated in many international events. He was part of 16th anniversary of Indo-Japan Diplomatic Relationship organised by the Consulate General of Japan, ABK-AOTS DOSOKAI, Tamilnadu and Tamilnadu chapter of Nippon India Trade and Industry, in March 2012.

There he held an exhibition of his Kirigami collections. He also did a demonstration cum training programme for children in that occasion.

Ramesh can be reached at 9841240152, or email to


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