Offbeat Medley: News Today goes freewheeling

This is not your regular news. News Today correspondents give you experiences of life that you won’t find in the regular news reports.


The service rendered by our jawans are often overlooked. While travelling on a busy stretch, this scribe noticed an Army jeep with two armed personnel shouting at nearby vehicles to give way. Everyone thought they were trying to make way for an official car, but, the sound of siren behind made heads turn. Passers-by noticed an ambulance coming at top speed. Within seconds, the ambulance went past the Army jeep utilising the way cleared by the jawans.


While travelling in a share auto from Guindy to Ashok Nagar, this scribe noticed a young boy and girl getting into the vehicle in Ekattuthangal. The boy looked like a north Indian. The girl, who seemed to know his language, kept teasing him continuously. The boy kept telling her to keep quiet. However, the girl did not give up. Annoyed, the boy threatened to get down and leave. One of the passengers said to another, ‘This is what they call Adam teasing.’


This correspondent got the shock of her life when she heard the sound of people screaming (like when they are involved in an accident) while she was riding her two-wheeler recently near Ashok Pillar. Scared, she turned around to see where the noise was coming from when two youngsters on a two-wheeler , grinning wickedly, zipped past her making the same noise by applying the brake. Only then did she realise that the noise was ‘generated’ by the youths while braking their vehicle. This can lead to accidents when you hear the sound for the first time and panic, said a motorist.


One day, this scribe was travelling on her two-wheeler when she noticed a bike hit a car. The driver immediately got out and started shouting at the biker. Just then the traffic policeman, who was at the signal, came towards them. While the cop was trying to ease the situation, vehicles on the other side started to move even though the signal was red. Noticing this, a biker stopped to see what the commotion was, said, “Adappaavingala! Neenga thirunthavey maatinga.”


A cab driver, taking this reporter from Thuraipakkam to Guindy, said IT professionals who live on OMR were a bunch of morons. Wondering aloud, the scribe asked why he said so. “They can’t even cross a toll plaza that is 40 to 50 feet near their office entrance to board a cab. Every time, I have to pay a toll of Rs 50 just to reach the pick-up point that is very close the toll booth,” he complained.


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