Bags every girl should know about

Any woman who follows fashion should know what the name of a specific kind of bag is, especially if she’s looking for it in a store or talking with her friends about her newest procurement. Still, there are instances where it can be difficult to remember the name of every one of them. Therefore, the list below is to assist women in knowing the various kind of bags available on the market


These bags are meant to be carried rather than slung across the shoulder. They go best with western semi-formals and formals. They are not very popular with some women as holding on to the bag means one hand is always occupied. But its definitely one of the best choice.


This bag has a long strap and is popularly worn slung across one shoulder. This is the ideal bag for students and also for picnics. This would be everyone’s personal favorite as it is too comfortable to carry across the shoulders.


Another type of satchel is our good old mirror worked jhola bags that we get off the streets. While the satchel can be teamed with western wear, the mirror worked versions can be carried with Indian casual wear.


The hobo bag is typically half moon shaped with a medium  length shoulder strap. Most often these bags are made of soft material. This goes  well with the ‘boho chic’ kind of outfits. They can be teamed with casual pants or long skirts. They can also be carried with casual kurtas.


The clutch is a hand held purse literally meant to be ‘Clutched’. This is the smallest type of handbag around and is essentially a small, fancy looking, pouch. It is rectangular in shape with buckles or zippers to close it and usually does not have a strap attached on it, thus it is carried directly in the owner’s hand or inside their purse. A clutch is used by women to carry small belongings like cards, money, make-up items and if there is any room left, a cell phone. Women usually use these when they are going out wearing a dress and do not want to lug around something too bulky.


Totes are over sized bags usually made of cloth or other soft material. These bags are perfect for traveling, grocery shopping etc. Carrying this bag while grocery shopping is not just a style statement but also an environment-friendly option to reduce plastic.


Beach bags are colorful large bags usually made of cloth, straw, jute or other such material. Some of the high end beach bags have a plastic lining inside which protects the bag from moisture. Beach bags are also ideal for other picnics and even the gym.


A baguette bag is a small purse which is rectangular in shape, with a small strap for carrying, a long wide bottom and short depth, usually secured with a clip or zippers. This handbag resembles the shape of a french baguette, hence the name baguette bag. Due to it’s small size, baguette bags are not very utilitarian. They are used in a similarfashion as the clutch, to carry small items such as money, cards and lipstick, however, they are slightly easier to carry thanks to the convenient strap.

As you can see, there are many types of handbags to choose from, each of which has its own intended purpose. When choosing your next handbag, first think about what the main use of it will be and then choose one that compliments your style . After all, handbags are no longer just a utilitarian item, they have also become fashionable.

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