Heightened stir against hydrocarbon project

Chennai: Protests against the proposed hydrocarbon project in the State have intensified as various outfits and students from across Tamilnadu have extended their support on the 13th day today.
The agitations began after the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs on 15 February approved the project at Neduvasal village in Pudukottai district.
While it was the residents in and around Neduvasal who initially staged the protest, now people from various other parts of the State have also extended their support.
The villagers collectively said that the project once implemented will completely suck the ground water and also bring down the fertile content in the soil turning it into barren land fit for nothing.
Extending their support to the protestors, college students from the city today held a agitation in Valluvar Kottam against the hydrocarbon project.
The students were detained by the police stating that there was no prior permission sought to hold the protest. However police personnel said that the students will be kept in a Mandapam and will be released without any case registered in their names.
Meanwhile, people from 100 villages around Neduvasal have extended their support to the protestors and have come to the village to take part in the protest.
Similar to the Jallikattu protest there is equal participation of women in this agitation too and most of them were seen with their children and were raising slogans against the project.
College students in and around the Neduvasal village conducted a rally against the hydrocarbon project and showed their support to the protestors. Youth driving bicycles from the villages of Vadakadu, Kiramangalam and Pullamviduthi regions made it to Neduvasal distributing pamphlets on the hazards of hydrocarbon project.
If implemented, around one lakh people of Karambakudi, Thiruvarankulam and Peravurani union would lose livelihood, claimed the villagers. With several social media platforms also coming together in expressing solidarity with the people, youth from various villages too have come together urging the Centre to drop the project.
During the protest that was held yesterday more than 10,000 protestors from 100 villages took part. A resolution comprising of ten major points was passed hich included the continuing of the protest in Thanjavur and Pudhukottai till the Central government drops the project
Since the number of protestors is on the rise police have place barricades at the major junction near Neduvasal and are allowing vehicles only after thorough checking.
Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan has assured that the Centre would not go ahead with the hydro carbon extraction project at Neduvasal village in Pudukottai district, if the locals opposed it. Pradhan gave
this assurance to Union Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways, Shipping Pon Radhakrishnan when the latter called on him at New Delhi and apprised him of the prevailing situation in the State in the wake of growing protests over the project.

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